1. Warm up with freestanding exercises, taken in any order preferred:
2. PRESS BEHIND NECK: Two sets of 8 repetitions, increase to three sets later.
3. SQUAT: Three sets of 10 repetitions.
4. CURL WITH BARBELL: Three sets of 8 repetitions each arm.
5. BENT OVER ROWING: With barbell, three sets of 8 repetitions.
6. LATERAL RAISE WITH DUMBELLS: Two sets of 8 repetitions.
7. LATERAL RAISE WITH DUMBELLS: Two sets of 8 repetitions.
8. ABDOMINALS: From freestanding tables.

This whole of such a little schedule could be done comfortably in fifteen minutes and that every part of body will have been exercised.

1. Warm up Exercises
Alternate Toe Touch 15 times.
Stand astride trunk bend side to side 15 times.
Skip with high knee raise, no rope.
2. Press with Barbell, 10 repetitions.
3. Squat with Barbell, 12 repetitions.
4. Good Morning Exercise, 12 repetitions.
5. Upright Rowing, 12 repetitions.
6. Bent Arm Pullover, 12 repetitions.
7. Back lying legs raise to right angles 15 times.
8. Back lying knees raise to chest 15 times.
9. Deep Breathing back lying, knees raise, feet on floor. 1 Min.

Fat Burning Furnace Review: Should You Buy the ebook or Not?

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Does Fat Burning Furnace work

Unlike other guides, Fat Burning Furnace advocates against extensive exercise. On the other hand, it follows a gradual and realistic approach towards weight loss. The guide unleashes 22 fat burning exercises that can be easily completed within 20-25 minutes. Also, one is supposed to train only three times in a week.

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What you will like?

 nutrition chapters

The workouts are quick and can be performed by anyone. The guide includes good photo demonstration of exercises. The best part is that one is supposed to spend not more than 45 minutes every week towards exercise to experience positive results with this ultimate fitness system. Users can also enjoy excellent support via emails that are personally responded by Rob. Besides this, Rob offers unconditional money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction.

What you will dislike?

Rob goes against all the conventional talks that we usually hear about weight loss, which can really take you aback for a while. However, once you read the entire guide, you will have a better understanding about weight loss and body functions.


Depending upon the chosen package, users will have to pay either $39.97 or $69.97. Those who pay $69.97 will receive deluxe upgrade from a one time fee. Others can simply buy the ebook for $39.97. Users are able to download the pdf file immediately upon payment.

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