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Warming up before exercise is important for anyone engaged in an exercise routine, but especially important for the over lifters. It not only gets your muscles and joints ready for the demands of your workout, but also prepares your mind.

During the warm-up period the core temperature of the body increases and that leads to an increase in muscle temperature. Once the muscle temperature increases, they become looser and more elastic. In addition, the heart rate and respiratory rates increase which in turn increases blood flow and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles under training. Here are listed some effective warm up exercises to be done before every weight lifting routine:

Warm Up Exercises


Feet together, arms at side - rhythmic arms swing forward and upward with heels raising on upward swing, lowering on downward. Repeat 20 times.
Feet astride hands on hips - trunk relaxed bending from side to side. Ensure body is kept upright and elbows and shoulders well back. Repeat 12 times each way. Following picture is to that effect.
Front support (on the hands down). Arms bend and stretch. See the picture below. Keep body in a straight line, and avoid sag in the middle. Repeat two sets of 8 to 12 repetitions, according to capability.
Stand feet together, knees straight - quick relaxed trunk bending downwards to touch floor with hands, and upward stretch. Try and put palms of hands on floor, and let head move freely to try and touch head on knees. Repeat 20 times.
Front support on the hands down, done with feet and hands on chairs or boxes to form a triangular base. Chairs fairly wide apart. Arms bend and stretch getting as low as possible with shoulders, without sagging body in the middle and using steroids. Try two sets of 10-15 repetitions.
Stand astride, trunk relaxed forward bend and grasp opposite ankle with both hands, and pull head towards knee. Legs must be kept straight. Twelve times each side. Here is an illustration of the work.
Standing, hands on hips - Quick full knees bend and stretch, keeping heels flat on floor. Hold on chair if balance is difficult. Repeat up to 15-39 repetitions.
Stand astride, arms at neck rest trunk bending from side to side freely with head relaxed. Keep chest well up and arms well back, shoulder blades together. Ensure that there is no forward movement of the body. Repeat 12 times each side.
Back lying, arms sideways, palms of hands flat on floor. Alternate leg raise to right angles with body, carry over to touch opposite hand with foot. Return leg to upright and lower. Repeat alternate legs. Shoulders must be kept flat on floor, and hips not carried over too far. Repeat 12 times with each leg.
One of the best and hardest exercises. For beginners this exercise should be in the weight training routine and not in the warm up session. But for people who have a significant amount of training behind them can take this as a warm up exercise.
Take a sitting position with the heels on a chair, hands slightly behind you on other chair, lower your buttocks towards the floor by bending arms, and then stretch. This is a great shoulder and triceps strengthener. The picture will help you get the idea.


Not only will these warm up sets prepare the joints and muscles for the workout ahead, but also your mindset, a critical element in your overall success. So, get out to the gym, armed and ready to begin your daily mission towards building a legendary physique in an efficient and injury free method.

Note: Make sure all this warm up routine is of low to moderate intensity.

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