• Is weight training suitable for boys?
  • What is the correct age to start muscle building?

It is generally agreed that the urge to improve the physique usually comes to young men between the ages of fifteen and nineteen. This is the time when they become aware of the physical deficiencies and have a wish to do something to rectify it.

Each boy is a different individual physical and mentally. And has his own capabilities. There is no exact age at which to start bodybuilding. You can be a teenager, middle-aged or elderly. And one point I would stress you to strongly follow is:

customize your muscle building exercises to your specific need. Never try to follow a plan designed for a pro body builder. This is the very first mistake that puts all your big muscle building dreams a set back right from the start. And could even result in a serious injury which could make you stay away from weights for long periods.

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Response to muscle building is most in teenagers. But if you are older then you may see that the muscles are bit less responsive. And if you are about thirty then it would be a good idea to have a medical check before you undertake any really sport like bodybuilding.

The right age for body building depends entirely on the individuals heredity, his environment, his inclination and his ambition. Some schoolboys are "BIG MUSCLE GIANTS" at fifteen, others are still very much 'boys'.

Physical growth is greatest in teenage and we can therefore put the starting figure at a general one of sixteen, providing the boy is normal in every way. Many business men with limited time find modern bodybuilding and ideal way of getting an all-round exercise program to cover every muscle group, in the minimum time possible.

If you are the type of person who has always kept fairly fit, and were privileged enough to start muscle building program at an early age, then you can continue the sport longer, both by adjusting your exercises and by cutting down the time of your workouts.

Full range movements, with plenty of abdominal and midsection work should allow a person to train for as long as one has the desire. The ideal plan for a man of, say, forty five years, is to train three times a week for an hour.

As one gets older, the fight against the bulge becomes more difficult, and more efforts are needed to remove the abdominal fat , particularly if one is a sedentary worker and prefers living in luxury. If a man can get control over this tendency to bulge between the ages of thirty-five and forty by taking up muscle building as a sport, then it will not bother him much later.