If you have the great bug of bodybuilding symmetry perfection within you then calf exercises are for you. Many of the best calf exercises require no apparatus is required. Like for exercises such as running, skipping, jumping, etc. on the toes.

Even heels raising with toes on a block of wood is effective. However, more concentrated muscle work is possible when weights provide the resistance. Here are three special exercises.

Squat with Dumbell:

Squat with Dumbell:

More advanced single calf work can be done by holding one dumbell and using the free hand for support. The dumbell should be on the side that is being exercise, thus providing more resistance. However both calves can also trained by holding the dumbells in the hanging position and performing the heels raise. This is a better exercise for the beginners to start with.Squat with dumbell is a very effective exercise for developing stubborn calf muscles which have failed to respond to other calf exercises.

Heels Raise with Barbell:

Stand short astride toes to the front with a barbell supported on the shoulders. From this position raise on the toes as high as possible, hold position a second or so if possible, and lower, and repeat.

Seated Heal Raises:

Sit on a chair or stool with a loaded barbell resting on a towel across the knees, with toes on a block of wood. Raise the heels as high as possible, and lower.

Note: You should feel the work load on your calf. If not then you are doing the exercise wrong.