You must have read or seen about skinny guys transforming into a Big Muscle men. It's no secret that many guys just like you have great success in building muscle mass in a very short time! But a lot of those guys just blame their genetics or categorize themselves as a hard gainer. Have faith & stop blaming yourself. You can be a one of those "Huge Muscle men".

With the sour experience behind them many guys will often say that they have tried everything to gain size for months (if not years) read more on but they still look as skinny as they used to before they started weight training. Had they been doing everything right this wouldn't had been the scenario.

Follow these quick tips to get on building muscles like those big muscle men and I assure you that you will never complain about not being able to put on muscle mass, ever.

If you are absolutely crazy about getting big and massive you should begin by organizing your lifestyle, learning the right ways and following them. So are you serious enough? If you are, trust me, you are going to make it. Ok, lets get serious.

Building Muscle Men

Muscle Men Tip #1: A little about eating:

If you aren't eating to grow, then you will not grow. If you aren't gaining weight, the most apparent reason is that you aren't eating right or enough. You need to get in more calories. To gain weight you have to consume more calories per day than you spend. Extra calories make you gain muscle mass. If you eat right amount of food your tiny arms will grow into big muscle men like guns.

Don't get bothered that this will get you fat and your skin will need protection see more on Don't forget that you are also training hard and that extra intake of calories is either spent in training or building muscles. There's no scope for getting fat.

Muscle Men Tip #2: Weight lifting strategy:

The most important step is the weightlifting, which must be done correctly. Get into a Gym! It's much more efficient and effective when you train in a gym. You feel a lot more motivated and enthusiastic there. And because you have paid for the gym fees you will more likely be there.

Focus on compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises that require your body to use more than one muscle and thereby building mass, like squats, bench presses, curls. Incorporate maximum number of compound power movements into your routine for building muscle. Do 12 to 15 reps per set. You stand a better chance of building muscle trying to turn 12 reps into 15 reps with same weight.

Train for failure. Make a goal of say 15 repetitions and try to reach it until you experience failure. By failure it means that you can't do next repetition without much aid. During doing any exercise concentrate on the muscle doing the work. For example, while you perform incline press to build your upper chest you need to learn how to control the weight with your upper chest.

If you are unable to do so your brain will automatically recruit the strongest muscles like the lower chest , front delts, and triceps instead. Get your brain connected to the muscle you are exercising, for maximum efficiency and muscle growth.

Muscle Men Tip #3: Rest and Overtraining:

Rest and overtraining are the least considered in achieving that big muscle man physique. Always be sure that you are not overtraining. No training and overtraining have the same effect "No muscle build up". You should get adequate rest between muscle workouts. The body needs time to heal & build. If you feel sore from your previous workout, don't even think about going back into the gym.

This tip is the hardest to swallow for beginners. Remember "Muscles grow outside the Gym not in the Gym".

Gradually make some adjustments to your diet, weightlifting program, exercises etc as you go by your muscle building program. But all this won't benefit if you are not totally dedicated, committed or motivated towards what you want to achieve. Commitment in what you eat? commitment in how you train?

how much rest you take? etc is very crucial. You have to follow every detail, leaving your body no choice, but to build muscles.

Now get organized, and do it, to get into the elite group of Big Muscle men!