Human Growth Hormone

A basic information on human growth hormone.

An amazing big muscle building enhancer used by champion weight lifters and muscle men. This topic sheds light on its use and safety for speeding up weight gain, muscle buildup and recovery time simultaneously while decreasing body fat.

Big Muscle


Learn about steroids. What are they made up of and how do they work for muscle building.

Anabolic Steroids

The least talked and known topic of anabolic steroids. On account of stigma attached to it in the sport of bodybuilding in the past and currently. A talk about the magic big muscle building formula "Anabolic Steroids". Debunking the myths out.


The points that are necessary to be at the back of your head all the time before you start up to take weight training exercises aiming to build muscles big.

Bench Press

The Best chest exercise of all - Bench Press. Know how its done with proper way to do it for maximum chest muscle build up.

Arm Exercises

Some of the most effective and widely used exercises for the arms muscle building listed with proper techniques to follow.

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal Exercises for that much loved abs listed. Exercises include free weight exercises and exercises with weight.

Leg Exercises

Leg Exercises for the big wide legs listed with proper technique to follow.

Calf Exercises

Few great calf exercises for the much ignored muscle called Calf.

Creatine Mono Hydrate

Weight Lifting Diet

The Ripper, the fact that matters next to weight lifting routine is exercise is weight lifting diet that complements the hard work. All the myths out and the basic know how of what proper diet should be.

Weight Lifting Supplements

Detailed account on the much talked and hyped topic of Weight Lifting Supplements. Are they a must have? Are they really of any help or just plain sales PITCH.

Weightlifting Supplements

Protein Diet

The soul of any muscle building diet or supplement. Know the basics of protein diet, the sources and proper way to have it in order to have optimum muscle buildup.

  • Proper Bench Press Technique
  • Tips to Increase Bench Press
  • Carbohydrates and Fats

The fuel for the body- Carbohydrates and Fats. Where does it comes from and how much to have it. All discussed in detail.

Vitamins and Minerals

A lot of emphasis is made on carbohydrates and proteins and vitamins and minerals are often neglected. Deficiency of which can cause retarded to no increase in muscle mass. Know which vitamins and minerals are required for what and why.

Correct age for Bodybuilding

Is my age correct to start building muscles, should I wait or has it passed. Get answer to these questions and take the next step.

Bodybuilding Pictures

Some pictures of Great Bodies in the Making. Viewing fully developed bodies must be getting you bored. See the Young Muscles Building.

Big Muscle Building Tips

Quick bodybuilding tips one should always remember. Corrects some of the most common mistakes made by individuals devoting there time, energy and money to gain big muscles.

Weight Training at Home

Ok, want to train at home. This is good handy guide to make you start with basic knowledge. Get to know what you need to know and have for your weight training program at home.

Home Exercise Equipment

Gym is well furnished with different forms of exercise equipment. But training at home limits the availability of exercise equipment. Learn the minimum amount of home exercise equipment you would need to make most out of your weight training program to build big muscles.

Breathing & Weight lifting Exercises

Correct breathing techniques are very important with weight lifting or bodybuilding. Know the right in and out of breathing with exercises.

Warm Up Exercises

Few must do Warm up exercises listed, with benefits of having warm-ups prior to a weightlifting workout. Also states the things that are at stake by not performing one.

Isometric Exercises

As a ongoing process new forms of exercising techniques come up constantly. One such technique is Isometrics Exercises. A brief talk about Isometric Exercises.

  • Weight Lifting for Beginners
  • L Glutamine Information
  • Weightlifting Supplements
  • Tips to Increase Bench Press Fast
  • Dumbell Exercises
  • Dumbbell Exercises Routine
  • Creatine Mono Hydrate Information

Muscle Names

You may often find yourself guessing of what a particular muscle is referred to by people talking in the gym or while reading a famous magazine on muscle building. Here are the muscle names. Know the different muscle names with pictures to help locate them.

Measure Muscle Size

Ok, you know that Superman had 22 inch Biceps. But ever wondered how are they measured. Describes the proper technique to Measure Muscle Size.

Glossary of Weightlifting

Get cleared all the weightlifting vocabulary that is often used everywhere but no one tells what they mean in plain understandable form.

Big Muscle Building Contents

The current page. Lists all the pages on this site with related description. Each description states as to what each page offers in regards to muscle building.