This exercise can be done on the floor, but is better done on a bench so that full play is given to the arms and chest, and movement is not restricted in any form.

Lie on a bench or a raised base with the shoulders firmly on it. Take a bar to arms length, with a fairly wide grip. Lower the bar to the chest, and then press it overhead to arms length, ensuring that it is kept fairly high up the chest, and not allowed it to come too far towards the abdomen exercises when it is lowered.

Take a deep breath as you lower the bar to the chest, and breathe out as the press to arms length is completed. this is a great exercise for the whole of the chest, pectorals, triceps, and some of the back muscles. It is one of the recommended basic exercises for all athletic events and sports. Bench Press is perfectly safe, and there is no fear of any injury.

The following are alternate and advanced form of Bench Press exercises:

Bench Press exercises

Dumbell Bench Press Alternate:

For this form of bench press take a pair of dumbells to the shoulders whilst lying down. Press them alternately above the head. Breathe as stated in above. Take weight accordingly giving it a try.

Two Hands Dumbell Bench Press:

The same exercise as the previous one, but press overhead with both dumbells simultaneously. this exercise is more effective if the wrists are turned as the dumbells are lowered to the chest, so that the dumbells are turned from parallel overhead to in line at the chest. Both of these are excellent chest and triceps exercises.

Flying Exercise:

From the Bench Press position lower the arms, slightly bent outwards. Return to straight arms. Refer to the picture above. It is a fairly advanced exercise which pumps up the chest muscles (pectorals).

Note: In all the exercises lying on a bench, it is better that the feet are kept firmly on the floor rather than on the bench, so that better balance can be maintained.