The best arm exercises which have great effect to have those big guns which say it all.

The Curl:

This arm exercise has many variations, and in some form should appear in every weight training schedule. Many of the other exercises naturally affect the arm, but the curl has a very direct effect on the upper arm. The usual way of doing it is:

Stand short astride or feet together , hold a barbell at the hang position, arms shoulder width apart, palms to the front. Without any body or upper arm movement bend the elbows and 'curl the bar upwards to the shoulders. Then lift the elbows well up. Inhale as the curl is made, exhale as the bar is lowered. When the curl is made a quick contraction takes place of the upper arm muscles. This exercise can be done wide or narrow grip, in slightly bent forward position, seated or standing. All have their merits and work the upper arm muscles from varying angles, like leg exercises.

Arm Exercises

Alternate Dumbell Curls or Two Hands Dumbell Curls:

Stand astride with the arms at the hang position holding a dumbell in each hand. Fully flex the elbows and curl each dumbell alternately to the shoulder, or as a more advanced exercise, both dumbells can be curled together. This exercise can also be done seated, or in the bent over position, which provides even stronger work. There should be no body movement when the exercises are done in the standing position.

Single Arm Seated Dumbell Curl:

Seated on a stool or bench, hold a dumebll between the knees with the arm extended. Flex the elbow and curl the dumbell to the shoulder. The trunk should be slightly inclined forward to produce a maximum contraction of the elbow flexors. A certain amount of support is possible by having the back of the elbow against inside of the leg. One of the fine upper arm exercises.

Single Arm Triceps Stretch:

Using a light dumbell, hold it at arms length above the head. Lower the dumbell backwards behind the head, by bending the elbow until the dumbell touches the back of the neck. Then keeping the upper arm straight, and by contracting the triceps muscles straighten the forearm until the dumbell returns to starting position. Keep the dumbell as near to the head as possible all the time. The free arm is laid across the upper chest for support on the side that is being exercised. Inhale at commencing position, exhale as movement is completed. This is a very strong and effective triceps exercise.

Triceps Stretch Lying:

This exercise can be done at the end of a bench, in lying position. Hold a bar with narrow grip at arms length overhead, keeping the upper arm straight drop the bar behind the head by bending the forearms backwards. And then bring it up in the starting position. Note: Many of these exercises like the press behind neck, etc, can be done standing or seated for progression.


    Two Hands Dumbell

    Single Arm Seated

    Single Arm Triceps

    Triceps Stretch Lying